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I just discovered a new web application named IFTTT. The concept is so simple and so powerful at the same time. It allows to create simple rule : If This Then That Where “This” is a trigger and “That” is an action. Both happens in what they call “Channels”. Channels are applications like Facebook, Linkedin, […]

The first annual PHP Australia Conference will be in Sydney in 4 weeks ! Don’t miss this exciting event ! Cya there.

I am glad to learn that I will be a speaker at the 2014 OSDC in the Gold Coast : Not only, this is going tobe a very interesting conference seeing the different talks and speakers, but also you can expect some good fun in the Gold Coast. Hope to see you there !

I was able to invest time on improving the UI and adding new features to is a web application allowing to create simple and advanced email and SMS alerts on the forex market. It supports more than a 100 of currencies pair. The new features includes the following : – Integration with facebook […]

I recently developed for fun a webapp offering forex currencies alert. It allows users to create 100% free custom currencies alert on approximately 100 currency pairs. Alerts are sent by email for now, but others channels will be available soon such as SMS, IM. You can check it out at Any feedback is welcome 🙂

On my last post, i mentioned that there should be a linux version of Mikogo. I just received an email a couple days ago informing me the beta started. I am going to try it and will post some results / feedback here. It seems very promising !

A few months ago, Salesforce acquired DimDim (the web conferencing tool) and they decided a change of strategy. For us users, that means no more DimDim as a free web conferencing application. As a consultant, I often need to use web conferences and since the old DimDim days were over, I started looking for a […]

My talk proposal at Confoo 2011 on How to integrate Text Mining into (Web) Applications has been accepted. For more information on Confoo, please visite their website : PHP QuĂ©bec, MontrĂ©al-Python, Montreal.rb, W3Qc and OWASP MontrĂ©al are proud to announce the second edition of the ConFoo Conference. From March 9th to 11th 2011, international […]

I will be giving a presentation at the Montreal Java User Group (JUG), next thursday at the ETS. 1111 Notre-Dame Ouest Room A-1300 Thursday the 9th december 2010 at 17h45. For more info

Yesterday, the Confoo conference held in Montreal ended. I had the chance to assist to the three days of the conference. The presentation slides are available here : or you can view some of them on Anis blog. Thanks to a very good organization, this conference was a real blast. All went very smoothly. I […]

Who am I?

My name is Bashar Al-Fallouji, I work as a Enterprise Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services.

I am particularly interested in Cloud Computing, Web applications, Open Source Development, Software Engineering, Information Architecture, Unit Testing, XP/Agile development.

On this blog, you will find mostly technical articles and thoughts around PHP, OOP, OOD, Unit Testing, etc. I am also sharing a few open source tools and scripts.

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