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22 Apr 2011

A few months ago, Salesforce acquired DimDim (the web conferencing tool) and they decided a change of strategy. For us users, that means no more DimDim as a free web conferencing application.

As a consultant, I often need to use web conferences and since the old DimDim days were over, I started looking for a new one.

After doing some searches and tests, I discovered Mikogo.


Their features list is pretty complete and wide. It is a completely free (without any ads) service.

I did some tests and it works really good. So, if you were like me, looking for a solid and free web conferencing service, I highly suggest you to try it out.

Their windows client is very light, and they support Windows & Mac. They also working on a linux distribution ! They have started beta invite yesterday, you can register for the beta here : http://www.mikogo.com/2011/04/21/mikogo-linux-beta-testers/

By spending some time reading their forums, it seems they have a nice community of users also.

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