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Thanks to Pierrick, some new minor fixes and enhancements have been added to the PHP autoloadManager. You may find the updated version on github : Documentation has been updated also (Please take a look at the README file).

Yesterday, the Confoo conference held in Montreal ended. I had the chance to assist to the three days of the conference. The presentation slides are available here :¬† or you can view some of them on Anis blog. Thanks to a very good organization, this conference was a real blast. All went very smoothly. I […]

So, again I will talk about Singleton and why you should be carefull with them. Everytime I think or discuss singleton the following things come in to my mind : – Global State; – Hard to test (refer to unit test post); – Singletonite (I see Singletons everywhere); – Violating the Single Responsibility Rule. I […]

Who am I?

My name is Bashar Al-Fallouji, I work as a Enterprise Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services.

I am particularly interested in Cloud Computing, Web applications, Open Source Development, Software Engineering, Information Architecture, Unit Testing, XP/Agile development.

On this blog, you will find mostly technical articles and thoughts around PHP, OOP, OOD, Unit Testing, etc. I am also sharing a few open source tools and scripts.

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