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In this first article, we will talk about how to integrate a strong and flexible search engine within your web application. There are various open source search engine available in the market. This talk will be about Solr. I have been using it for different projects and it offers a nice solid set of features. […]

I recently released a PHP client to consume Optimal Netbanx services on Github. You can integrate your application using this agnostic Card Payments API to process all major credit cards through the NETBANX payment gateway. It implement a wide variety of REST-based API requests – including purchases, refunds, and authorization reversals. Obtain output in […]

I recently had to work on integrating an ERP with DHL XML API Services. I could not find a PHP open source library to consume their API, so I decided to share the one that I wrote. You can download the code on github : If you want to read documentation about the DHL XML […]

If you are interested in knowing more about Text-Mining and how to integrate with your (Web) Applications, I am giving a presentation this week at the monthly meeting of PHPQuebec. I will present the core notions related to Text-Mining, we will see some of the existing technologies, their features. The talk will be focused on […]

Thanks to Pierrick, some new minor fixes and enhancements have been added to the PHP autoloadManager. You may find the updated version on github : Documentation has been updated also (Please take a look at the README file).

PHP Code Comparator is a command line script allowing to compare different versions of a library, framework or package. It will detect code changes in terms of class existence or method definitions. If you ever wanted to have a way to quickly identify what classes have been altered or methods have been changed between two […]

The Ultimate Coder Battle


25 May 2009

I recently heard about a funny contest handled by Microsft. The concept is really fun, and so is their web site (Check the video!). Here is a short description of the contest. Microsoft presents the Ultimate Battle: It’s a knock-down, drag-em-out battle between professional and student developers! And it’s your big chance to show the […]

Some people just like to write as few line of codes as possible. Well, PHP can be tricky sometimes.. For instance, be carefull when declaring a variable and passing it as a parameter to a function or to a method at the same time. If that parameter is supposed to be passed by reference, you […]

I have decided to write a serie of posts around the Singleton design pattern. This first one will discuss the uniqueness aspect of a Singleton. What is a Singleton again ? In software engineering, the singleton pattern is a design pattern that is used to restrict instantiation of a class to one object. (Wikipedia) Here […]

A friend and I have been working on different projects together. We recently decided to share one of our script to the open source community. The name of the tool is the Autoload Manager. The AutoLoad Manager is a generic autoloader that can be used with any PHP framework or library. Using the PHP tokenizer […]

Who am I?

My name is Bashar Al-Fallouji, I work as a Enterprise Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services.

I am particularly interested in Cloud Computing, Web applications, Open Source Development, Software Engineering, Information Architecture, Unit Testing, XP/Agile development.

On this blog, you will find mostly technical articles and thoughts around PHP, OOP, OOD, Unit Testing, etc. I am also sharing a few open source tools and scripts.

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