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I recently watched an interesting presentation from Miško Hevery intituled “The Clean Code Talks - Don’t Look For Things!”. This presentation discusses some best practices to follow in order to keep a code clean. It talks about unit testing and the law of Demeter in OOD.
For the people who never heard about it, the law [...]

One of the characteristic of PHP is that it doesn’t do strong typing.
PHP 5.1 introduced Type Hinting. Functions were able to force parameters to be objects (by specifying the name of the class in the function prototype) or arrays.
I recently read one RFC (Request For Comments) - on wiki - from Felipe [...]

I read an interesting post on Domain Driven Design on Fede.carg’s blog. Ever heard about Domain Driven Design ?
Domain-driven design separates the model layer “M” of MVC into an application, domain and infrastructure layer. The infrastructure layer is used to retrieve and store data. The domain layer is where the business knowledge or expertise is. [...]

I had the chance to attend the PHP Québec Conference this year. It was very interesting. I highly encourage anyone to attend such conferences if he / she is interested by PHP.
Anyway during one of the presentation, I discovered an interesting little script / tool named PHPLoc. It is written by Sebastian Bergmann and It [...]

You are using some CMS but don’t really like the way it handles URL’s … ?
For example, instead of having “″, you would like to have “” ?
Well, MOD_SQLAlias may be the solution for you, it is an Apache2 module under LGPL, it “will intercept specific URI requests and dispatch them to the appropriate page [...]

Ever wondered what is the fastest programming language ? Here you will find some benchmarks. Have fun comparing the results.
Languages benchmark
Well, guess in what position is PHP ?

Thank god Ruby is here…

This website should add some “energy” to the never ending debate “What is the best programming language”…

There are many posts about what editor to use when programming with PHP.
I have been using VIM since about 7 months, I got convinced by a fellow coworker to use it. I gotta admit, it was a headache at the beginning, but the more I use it, the more I like it.
If you ever want [...]

Who am I?

My name is Bashar Al-Fallouji, I work as a Enterprise Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (Sydney, Australia).

I am particularly interested in Cloud Computing, Web applications, Open Source Development, Software Engineering, Information Architecture, Unit Testing, XP/Agile development, etc.

On this blog, you will find mostly technical articles and thoughts around PHP, OOP, OOD, Unit Testing, etc. I am also sharing a few open source tools and scripts.

  • dipan: Hi Bashar It's really awesome that you wrote this code. IT'll save tones of time of all developer. [...]
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  • Angel S. Moreno: well, there goes wasting a couple of hours of development and a couple of days of testing. I owe you [...]
  • Bashar: Thats right, the setSaveFile create a files containing an associative array of classname => filen [...]
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