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18 Feb 2009

So.. I finally decided to start my own Blog.

Why? Well, like many fellows, I do spent time to read about “stuffs” on the web and I felt it was time to share some of my findings.

What do I read about usually ? Actually, kinda anything…

Ok, I will start with a framework that I just discovered, it is named “Not One Line Of Html”… I like the name but I am not sure I would use a such framework, I find it too extreme in my humble opinion. However, if you are as curious as I am, go take a look and make yourself your own opinion .

It is a PHP framework that wraps lot of HTML components in PHP.

Look at the following code, it will basically show up a button. When you click on the button, it will change the text of the button.


You can check out their tutorial video on :

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Who am I?

My name is Bashar Al-Fallouji, I work as a Enterprise Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (Sydney, Australia).

I am particularly interested in Cloud Computing, Web applications, Open Source Development, Software Engineering, Information Architecture, Unit Testing, XP/Agile development, etc.

On this blog, you will find mostly technical articles and thoughts around PHP, OOP, OOD, Unit Testing, etc. I am also sharing a few open source tools and scripts.

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